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There's nothing quite like getting together with a bunch of musicians and jamming. But there are millions of people who love to play, or want to learn, who rarely get the chance. So every several months I put together a jam session in the gym of a local church. It's open to the public and completely free. We bring dozens of instruments, amps, and equipment and spend the evening making music.

What do we do at these jam sessions?
Play loud music. If you have never played an instrument, we will show you. If you are a veteran musician, you can let loose and show your stuff. You can bring your own gear or grab an instrument we have there. And although we spend most of our time playing rock music, you can bring almost any instrument and fit in.

Why do we do this?
The entertainment industry can be an ugly place. I spent the better part of my adult life performing with two different rock bands, playing in recording studios, and being around the entertainment industry. I was surrounded by alcohol and drug abuse at almost every turn. I saw firsthand the damage those things can do to you and the people you love.

As a performer you can't get away from it. Unfortunately, many people never learn that you can enjoy the world of entertainment without embracing the destructive lifestyle. Many people don’t see how to separate the two.

I put these jam sessions together so people can experience the excitement of rock music without being surrounded by the ugly things that usually accompany it.



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Interested in learning more or organizing one for your church or community? Contact my office here.


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